The Devil’s Elixirs…

“You shall experience the bond between yourself and your own peculiar destinies – fates which will at times transport you to an exalted world of wonderful visions, at others to the most vulgar of existences.  It is said that the wondrous has disappeared from the earth, I don’t believe it.  The wonders have remained.  Although we no longer wish to refer to the wondrous which surrounds us daily by that name anymore, because we have been lying in wait for a series of phenomena based on the principles of cyclical return.  But often a phenomena flows through our environment that brings all of our cleverness to shame, and one that we, because we refuse to embrace it, in dull stubbornness refuse to believe.  We therefore persistently deny the existence of the phenomena to our inner eye, because it was to transparent to mirror the harsh surface of the external eye.”

~ E.T.A Hoffman – 1815


2 responses to “The Devil’s Elixirs…

  1. Goodness. I had to read that twice! Bravo for this blog. I have found myself not blogging much lately….waiting for something and sometimes afraid that I’d offend others ~rolls eyes~. Time to STOP waiting and get it for myself! Blessings!

  2. That’s what was happening with me, I decided a fresh outlook was needed… *hugs* Just realised I haven’t put your blog on my list… *skips of to rectify*

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