Lightning Water…

So, last night was the first lightning storm we’ve had this year, and since The Sprogling was born… So after I did my thing and set out a lovely glass bowl to catch my Lightning Water, I popped back in to towel down and grab the baby and hubby. We chilled on the porch, watching the flashes in the sky… He loved it!

Witchy potions sun bathing...

He didn’t love being in his crib last night though. We ended up falling asleep in the rocking chair together, so today I’m a tad achy to say the least! Oh well, I’ll be working that out in the gym this evening, and water aerobics tomorrow…

So.. Lightning Water! I’ve got it soaking up the sun with some other Witchy concoctions, the Protection ‘wash’ I started last week, which has been strained and another batch of the 13 dried herbs added to it… The other is a little something special for The Wolf and I… *winks*

Lightning water has a natural magical charge, as it’s the rain collected during storm. It possess the fiery & fierce intensity of lightning, the power to create brisk changes that storm winds bring, and cleansing and powers of renewal from water…

I use it in a lot of different ways: For bringing about change & transformation, for cleaning & renewal, for protection… I also use it in my version of what is called War Water in Hoodoo, as lightning can also have the power to threaten…


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