The Season of Bealtuinn…

Bealtuinn is the mirror of Samhuinn… Where Samhuinn marks the end of Summer and the ‘Black Months’, Bealtuinn and the Feast of Bright Fires heralds it’s coming – the beginning of the ‘Bright Months’ of the year..

A time of light, gaiety and new life… Of revelry, carousing and sexual activity, when the veil between the worlds is thin, and the Underworld and Otherworld denizens come to cavort… The dead and Faerie are unusually active, and the future may be as easily read by the taking of omens, as it can be at Samhuinn…

Feast of Bright Fires indeed...

I’ve always had an issue with the 8-fold festival schedule now actively celebrated, I feel much more at home with a 4-festival-year, with observances on the Solstices and  Equinoxes, but usually nothing all that fancy…

But Samhuinn and Bealtuinn on the other hand, I celebrate both for a whole 14 days each, so you could say I’m into them quite a bit… I feel the veil is thin for a week or so either side of the ‘actual’ feast, which I hold on the 7th of the month, a mini ‘season’ if you will…

I must say I really miss celebrating the cross-quarter days with the Beltane Fire Society… Much sadness!

So on Thursday evening I’ll be meeting with a bunch of Pagans in the park, for a potluck picnic for my moot’s gathering! We haven’t met for a while, and the weather is meant to be lovely!

Then on Friday, I’ll be setting the alarm and leaving The Sprogling in bed with The Wolf, and running out to perform my Bealtuinn ritual, I’ve found a lovely wee spot on the banks of the Scioto river…

Then just before Bealtuinn is over, we’ll be moving into our new home…

We have booked the movers for Thursday the 13th, so on Wednesday evening after we’ve collected the keys I’ll be armed, and ready to get cleansing and blessing… There’s an old tradition of baking bread in a old home and taking it to the new, to be eaten with the first meal (I’ll be using it in my first housle in my new home)… I’d love to find the time to bake some bread before then, but lets face it, I think I might end up running to the bakery!

Or I might just bake a Bealtuinn Cake… Very fitting don’t you think?


3 responses to “The Season of Bealtuinn…

  1. These are my two favorite times of year also. 😉 Best wishes to you on your new home and cleansing/blessing. It sounds like a very exciting time indeed!

    Oh and I’m totally jealous that you’ve gotten to celebrate with the Beltane Fire Society! I can only imagine how magnificent that must be in person.


  2. Our best, best wishes on your new house! Nothing like some good ol’ Beltane magick to make changes happen!

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