Saining The Sprogling

While we were home, we  took a wee trip to Somerset with my family (My parents, my brother, his girlfriend and my long time friend, Emma)… We stayed at the Chalice Well Lodge and I had a few ceremonies planned for our long weekend there!

I must say that  a few aspects of this trip Glastonbury were a little disappointing for me, which I will explain in a upcoming post, but the day we held Connor’s Saining was not one of them…

We rose fairly early-ish and decided to make our way up the Tor before it got too hot to climb. I hadn’t climbed the Tor since I broke me ankle a few years ago, but it wasn’t as challenging as I expected it to be, and felt refreshed and re-energised as I reached the top, with the fantastic view over the Somerset Levels and Moors, and a brisk breeze…

We set up a wee tad down on a grassy ledge, near the peek, and as the others wondered around taking in the magnificent views and taking photos, my Mum and my brother’s girlfriend helped me to set up for the ceremony…

The Saining of the Sprogling took place the morning after a very formal re-dedication and renewal of oaths to Cernunnos, so I wanted this to be extremely informal for us all. Plus we were a multi-faithed group, so I wanted it to mean something to us all, not just for the Witch!

I asked the Ancestors, and the Gods & Spirits of the land to witness the Saining and to bring their blessings, while I set hand-blended incense to smolder in sweet smelling plumes as an offering to them, and sprinkled Connor with water which had been collected from the beach at Marazion, Cornwall – The first ocean Connor had ever been in, and from both wells – Red and White – at Glastonbury. Lavender, Rose buds and a sprig of Juniper were added to the water a few nights previously and the water smelt glorious!

We each had a tiny glass of Elderflower wine, in which we would pour into a larger glass set before us, stating well-wishes, blessings and our love for Connor…

Once everyone had  stated their wishes and blessings for him, I asked the Ancestors, the Gods & Spirits who consecrate the place to fill the wine with blessings of their own…

We then offered them the first drink, pouring a portion of the wine into the offering bowl and passing the glass around us, until it was fully drained. We shared not only in the wine and fluffy white bread, and the love of Connor; but in the responsibility of raising him, and helping him to fulfill his potential in all ways. The left over bread was added to the offering bowl, and a wee drop of the wine was placed on Connor’s forehead. At this time my Mum wanted to present a Connor a gift to symbolise her blessing for him…

A gold sword pendant with ‘STRENGTH’ engraved on the back…

It was such a fantastic day, we chilled out on the Tor top and basked in the sun… The presence of the Gods was definitely felt by all…


3 responses to “Saining The Sprogling

  1. That sounds amazing!

    All the best to Connor.

  2. Deborah Wiseman

    What beautiful pics and the story warmed my heart. Connor is a delightful wee one and has many “helpers” both in England and here in Ohio. He has richly blessed Cliff and I, as have you.


  3. Wassail!

    Ah, what a cute little boy! My favorite is that last picture. His eyes look so serious and wise in that one. He will grow into a wonderful person, to be sure!

    Blessings upon you and yours!


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