Hidden Hideaway…

Ever since moving here just over a year and half ago, I’ve been looking for places that call to me, places where I can commune with my Gods and the spirits, places to forge new relationships, places to wild-harvest and places where the magic in the  atmosphere is almost palpable…

I’ve found two places that have become home to me…

One of them I stumbled on by accident, while taking a lunch break with my husband nearly a year ago. The Indian Run is a major tributary of the Scioto River that flows through Dublin and the Wyandot Indians camped on the northwestern rim of the falls in the 1800’s. This gorgeous waterfall, literally in the middle of Dublin, is a hidden treasure indeed, and whenever I’ve visited to make offerings or spend time beside the falls, I’ve never been disturbed…

In dry weather the falls dry up completely and it’s possible to carefully climb down where the cascade would be…

I’ve been leaving offerings beside the fall and surrounding woodland for some time now, but with the hot weather the water receded to a dribble, and then completely dried up. Once completely dry, I decided to take a walk and a bit of a clamber (avoiding re-breaking my ankle), down the fall floor. To walk where the water would flow, to follow the path my offerings had traveled, when I came across a wee cave. The small semi-cave is mostly submerged when the falls are in full force and I had never noticed it before. Within this small cave, is an almost altar-like ridge… It’s perfect… It had a very familiar feel to me…

I make a point of always carrying my wee ‘Bag o’ Bits’ with me, my crane bag, my pocan cheann (or bag of heads) as it were. A bag that contains various offerings, a diabetic finger pricker (that I change the needle in and steal from my husband in case I should need to draw a few drops of blood), items sacred to me, a place to put ‘gifts’ that are left for me during my wanderings, etc, etc – You get the picture. I don’t usually carry around my wild-harvesting gear, as I always visit a place a few times before I harvest anything I might need to use… I’ll talk about my pocan cheann, its traditional use, and place in Scottish folk medicine & magic soon…

So, I pulled open my wee ‘Bag o’ Bits’, and burned some handmade offering incense, tobacco, my uneaten lunch, and some silver. Sitting there beside the altar-ridge, the curling, fragrant smoke curling out of the cave and through the gorge, up into the trees above us, I felt as though this place could become as powerful a place to work as my river-side crossroads back home…

And I’ve been proven correct… Not a week goes by that I don’t visit at least once or twice… Stealing some time during the day for my Gods, the Spirits of the land and myself…

I visited again yesterday, looking to leave my offerings after work before picking up my husband and to find a rock to take home for my altar. I climbed on down, and made my way down the cascade to my cave…

There sitting on the altar-ridge, where I leave my offerings and sit before in contemplation, ritual and prayer, was a rock… Exactly what I had in mind… The perfect size and colouring…

A gift…


10 responses to “Hidden Hideaway…

  1. Wassail!

    It seems that you and I are on a similar mind wave! I recently found a place of power that had been vandalized by local hooligans. I went there today and cleaned the place up proper and made an offering to the spirits as well as a healing for the poor tree that they killed….The spirit was still within it, poor thing. But it will become a powerful guardian of that place.

    I will have to blog about my little spot of power once I get some pictures as I conveniently left mine at home this time around (not of my making, I’m sure 😉 ).


  2. A powerful place for communion with the Old ones. Some images of the waterfall in full force would be great. I am really enjoying your writing, thank you for sharing with us.



  3. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us. I loved seeing them, and I can see why the place called out to you. I love how the spirits at different places of power seem to be so eager to interact with us after all these years. You are very lucky to have found such a magical spot.

  4. The place looks fantastic.

  5. strangemilagros

    You’re absolutely right about Indian Run. I love taking time to go it over there, breathe deeply, and find my peace. It’s where I go to clear my head during work.

  6. Thanks for sharing this, I love hearing about other people’s power spots. I have my own, although it’s too far out of the way (since I have no car) to visit as frequently, unfortunately. Still, even going once a month is a meaningful experience for me. And I have less intense but still important spots closer by.

    That little cave behind the waterfall is an amazing find!

    • One thing that you could do, friend, is ask the spirits of the far away place next time you go there if you can take a bit of something to bring back to one of your more local spots. That way you can oneirically reach it in trance states. Or perhaps reach it in your sleep.

      Just a thought 😀


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