Meet my Beloved Dead – Part 1

My Mum sent me some photos that I’d been looking for… I had a few photos of my Nan, but this one has always been my favourite of her…

This is my Grandmother on my Dad’s side of the family, Evelyn, a Witch… Isn’t she beautiful?

She is of Russian and Scottish decent, and loves her tea and Sherry!

She smoked like a chimney…!!

She handmade toy bears, and wee witches on broomsticks that could hang from the ceiling… She had crystals hanging in her living room window, which cast dancing rainbows all over the room…

Her house was filled with magic…

She passed down all her old Witchy books, complete with notes in the margins and notes on paper placed into the pages, her besom and her scrying mirror to me…

I wish Jason and Connor could have met her while she was alive… She visits us occasionally, especially her Greatgrandson, who she has in fits of giggles… I smell her…

She visits me in my dreams…

She plays with my hair…


2 responses to “Meet my Beloved Dead – Part 1

  1. Beautiful and haunting. I must get my old fammily photos out immediately !! Your writing never fails to inspire me 🙂



  2. Thank you Matt… I’ve missed this photo! And very glad to inspire! 🙂

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