By fire, water and blood I cast thee out!

We’ve all been pretty sick this Winter. First the flu caught us all in it’s clammy grasp, then when we thought we were all out of the woods we we’re struck down with a nasty stomach bug. I will not go into details, but the last few days in this house have not been fun at all!

So, today I was feeling back to normal. I decided that my usual cleaning routine, and Lysoling everything down just wasn’t enough. I needed to get Biblical with this plague! I needed to banish it from my house with the good ol’ cleansing power of Blood, Water and Fire! As well as the aid of a bottle of bleach, a few extra Lysol wipes, a wash made with melted snow and hyssop, fragrant plumes of incense, and the smell of brownies baking in the oven (nothing sweetens anything better than brownies)… Oh, and let’s not forget Metallica, as a noise maker, to chase off any other nastiness I didn’t want hanging around.

Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean ~ Psalm 51:7

I started by running a small bath, to which lavender, juniper and hyssop were added, to wash my feet and hands. I brushed my teeth and washed my face.

My Gods were invoked. Candles lit. Offerings made. I opened up every window in the house and the back door, and started to clean. After all the necessary disinfecting and cleaning of all the surfaces in the house, Connors toys, doors, door handles, skirting boards, floors, windows and mirrors, etc, etc. Once all the bedding had been washed. After everything that could shine, did shine. After the sweeping, and the scrubbing, and the polishing – I turn up the volume!

And ye shall take a bunch of hyssop, and dip it in the blood that is in the bason, and strike the lintel and the two side posts with the blood that is in the bason ~ Exodus 12:22

As music blasted through and from the house, Hyssop that had been steeped in melted snow on the stove with a few drops of my blood, was sprinkled over the doors and window panes. The rest was used as a floor wash to scrub the kitchen floor, and the upstairs bathroom floor (which has been our ‘sickroom’ the last few days).

I fumigated the place. Plumes of Olibanum, Copal and Benzoin wafted into every nook and cranny, upstairs and down, into cupboards, into closets. We chased the plague out with harsh words, yummy smells and a lot of bloody noise!

I ended with a well deserved shower, and another round of offerings…

Oh, and the brownies were delicious!!!


8 responses to “By fire, water and blood I cast thee out!

  1. *applauds* bravo bravo!! ^_^

  2. With that combination I bet you kicked that plague in the ass!

  3. I read your blog daily. However, this one was awesome in that I have just (almost) finished my 3rd degree herb paper on Hyssop! How neat that you just used Hyssop as I had been studying about! Now, as soon as I get over my January croup – I’m going to do the same!

  4. I just found my bottle of Hyssop today! Do you mind if I take a bit of inspiration and make a floor wash/spray?

    When I was living with my friend Bertle B whenever we had an argument or something we would run through the house banging pots and pans together. Apparently this was used in Asia to rid the house of evil spirits. Your use of Metallica reminded me of that.

    We rid the house of nasty energy as well as our neighbors of their beds 😉

    Hope you are feeling better, hun! You should be after all that 😀

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