Love Letter from Cernunnos…

If Cernunnos wrote love letters, it would possibly go something like this:

“You have given yourself to me…
Fully… You surrendered… You’re mine!
Your heart belongs to me, your soul,
Your body, your breath, your everything! Mine!
And you will run with me,
Scream with me, and rut with me,
Tremble in terror and desire of me,
Dance that wild, frenzied dance with me,
Journey to the dark, dank depths with me.
And you will know sheer ecstasy, utter agony,
And the intoxicating thrill of the hunt.
And we will meet at the Crossroads together, as we always have.
We will wander far and wide, with a fire raging in your head.
And I will show you the way on those crooked and hidden paths
I will tell you things no other could
I will take you to places unknown, and unseen
I will teach you. Guide you. Push you. Pull you. Rip you open.
I will show you what it means to be my devotee
I will break you and remake you,
Over and over…
And you will love me…
And when I’m not with you…

Remember… Remember…



22 responses to “Love Letter from Cernunnos…

  1. bit of a turn on, i have to say


  2. Wow, I’m speechless. This is beautiful!

  3. Just beautiful and yes, a bit of a turn on.

  4. Simply gorgeous! You’ve done Old Horny proud!!

  5. I envy your prose skills. It’s also incredibly hot.

  6. Beautifully crafted and darkly evocative

  7. Thank you (I have missed the banter too) 🙂
    My absence has been mainly down to finalising some personal projects, job hunting (redundancy looms) and nursing very poorly relatives back to full health (swine flu struck, big time). I read “Love Letter from Cernunnos” and felt impelled to comment. Your work is as always, insightful and very inspiring.

    • I missed the banter too love, but I’m so sorry to hear your news love. I’ll be thinking of you all, and hoping for your relative’s speedy recovery, and that your job hunt goes well! Thank you so much for your words, they are very appreciated. Much love, my friend *hugs*

  8. Pulls mouth from sax, we should put this to music. I’m thinking a nice Eb blues scale would do nicely. Make sure the rutting is on a G#… :O)

  9. OOOO! I would love if you could share those recipes with me! I’m glad you enjoyed my post, you and me are oddly akin; i planted these violets with my Grandma ^_^.

  10. Now that’s a letter that would get even the most prudish flustered!

  11. I keep coming back to re-read this…heh! Now I feel better, once again!

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