Holy Water…

Since last night was a Full Moon, with the Moon being the closest it’s been to the Earth in about twenty years, I thought it would be the perfect time to whip up a fresh batch of Holy Water.

The night before last I put out a bowl to catch the morning dew, and yesterday morning I brought it inside to mix with a few special waters. Together into a jar, in which silver and a sprig of Juniper had been placed, I poured the last of the rainwater collected during our last big lightning storm, and a small bottle of water I had left from two sacred wells in England…

Then I set out to collect some more water from a few places close by that are special to me. The first stop was my waterfall

I approached my hidden hideaway in silence, bell jar in hand, and carefully climbed down to the gushing waters. Careful not to slide on the wet rocks I slowly made my way down. My foot slipped, and for a second I thought I might have lost my footing, but I righted myself and carried on down. On finding a rock close to the edge of the falls, I knelt. After a few more silent moments, I called out across the waters,  and uttered my intention into it’s spray. An offering of silver was made, and I collected my water in my jar, giving my thanks.

On returning home, and whilst waiting for the Sun to set and the Moon to rise, I mixed a portion of each of my waters together in a bowl.

There’s a tradition in the British Isles to drop silver into water to be blessed, I also use adder/hag stones (naturally holed stones) or simple river stones. I have a gorgeous river stone that I have used in my water blessing rituals for many years. It’s a smooth, dark stone that I found on the shores of Loch Lomand, so I guess it’s technically a loch stone. Before the stone is placed in the water it is bathed in uisge beatha (water of life) – Scottish Whisky of course, always a good single malt! The silver I use is a ring that never usually leaves my finger, unless for purposes of blessing water. My serpent ring. My Ouroboros. I feel naked when it is off.

Heather was sprinkled over the surface of the water, and it was set outside within my rings of flour and water, to catch the rays of the moon from it’s rise to it’s set this morning. Offerings were made and burnt. A charm was whispered over the surface of the water to bless it. Pagan Holy Water.

Uses: Of which I have many…

I use it to purify, and bless. In saining. I use it to wash my hands and face before rite and ritual, communing with my Gods, Ancestors, and spirits . I will sometimes use it to extinguish sacred flames. Adding to baths before ritual. To spiritual waters and washes. I will sprinkle it over a ritual area. I will use a little watered down in a watering can to nourish my garden on occasion. I use it to clean my altar or fetishes, to dab onto talismans or ritual jewelry. I will also use it as an offering,  I leave some for my crows, and for the Cailleach in case she wants to mix her Whisky. I think you get the picture.


3 responses to “Holy Water…

  1. wonderful, i love your style of craft (i had no single malt whiskey, so i blessed my cloch dubh with ale lol). I dropped in a silver bracelet charm into my batch of fresh moon sea salt… something I picked up from my grand dad from his travels through England lol. Me and you are peas in a pod!

  2. We are indeed, love ;-p

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