Divination in the Dark…

So, the other night I set about doing some work for a dear friend and patron. I started off with a reading for her. So we would know where best to concentrate our efforts in the situation at hand…

I always start a divinatory session by cleansing myself –  Having a bath, or at least a shower (brushing teeth is also a must for me) and then rubbing my hands & face with holy water. The space I use is sprinkled with holy water and fumigated with incense.

I will then anoint myself with my divination oil and light my candles, quieting myself, falling into a half-trance. I then set about calling my guides, guardians, spirits, or gods and burn offertory incense for them, pour out libations and give my offerings, not only on my behalf, but for those I’m working for.

My divination oil has the smell of old magics performed deep in the forests under a midnight sky. An incredible scent of damp earth, with an ever so slight sweet note just peaking through in the background.

There have been many trials (and some complete and utter failures) with this oil, but its current incarnation is a winner. Mugwort, Chamomile, Bay, White Willow, Marsh Mallow, Juniper and of course Clary Sage were steeped in Jojoba oil. A few drops of Cedarwood, Lavender, and Camphor essential oils were introduced to the mix. This oil was created on the Wanning Moon, and was left out each night during the darkening of the Moon, and under the Dark Moon itself. It was always brought inside, and hidden away from the light, before the rising of the Sun.

The effect of this oil is extremely calming and uplifting, even euphoric at times. It clears away mental blocks and any anxieties I may have, so I can concentrate more clearly on the job at hand.  It also enhances divinitory and intuitive abilities as is wont of a divination oil. And after using this oil dreams are always very interesting and vivid! Only a few drops to dab onto pulse points, and your third eye, are needed.

If a customer prefers the Tarot, I will read from one of my decks for them. Tarot by far is my most popular request. Other forms of divination are being forgotten, and Tarot is one of the less ‘intimidating’ forms for those looking in. I’ve never been asked by anyone to read entrails, or for a Sciomancy session, the way libations splash as they hit the floor, etc, etc – I would be happy to do all of the above, by the way, just for the record.

But my friend, and patron, was extremely happy with her reading and work… Another happy customer… *skips*

Oh, and always remember to ‘say your goodbyes’ – sternly if needed – to any spirits or guides, etc that you have called to you…


2 responses to “Divination in the Dark…

  1. I love how descriptive you are! I have a hard time with oils myself, but maybe I should try them again during my readings. This entry takes me back to the days (two years ago) when I read professionally and more frequently downtown at a metaphysical bookstore. Once I quit, i stopped reading entirely… i lost my passion for it and got more into my natural intuitive gifts. I’m taking my cards with me to Rhode Island tomorrow and will re-bless them in a Salem Mass. graveyard. Maybe i’ll feel closer to them once their energy has been deadened. Wish me luck!

  2. You always inspire me to go further. Thank you for letting us in. I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago but havent commented. Some friends and I have started a sort of study group where we have weekly challenges. Our first challenge is trying new divination techniques. Im attempting scrying for the first time. Wish me luck! I made a mind opening ointment that has led to some interesting new discoveries.

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