In the Chimehours…

Feast your eyes on the amazing photography of Matt Baldwin-Ives, a sneak peak at one of the fantastic images that will be featured as part of what will be my new project, come the end of my wee blogging hiatus.

I’ll be traveling home to England on Wednesday to spend the holidays with my family andΒ  friends. Old friends, new friends and old friends not yet met. A very long awaited visit. My heart aches to be able to stick my bare feet into English soil. To stand on the wave-lashed shore, and be beaten by the frigid, salty Sea wind. There’s something very special about my homeland, and the longer I am away, the harder the pull to return home becomes. A desperate need to return to where I belong. To where I should be.

The New Year will see a new blog, new material and new content. ‘In the Chimehours‘ will be an exploration of English folklore, folk tradition & magic, and my journey as an English Witch returning to her roots. The past couple of months have seem some rather large changes and shifts in me, and this blog will most definitely reflect that.

The boys at Miles Cross (Matt Baldwin-Ives and Ian Thurlby) are absolute stars, and incredibly talented photographers (though they are both so very modest and wouldn’t agree with me). They have been kind enough to provide the images for the project, and I’m so excited & honoured to be able to show off their work. I’m looking forward to getting together with them for a few beers and shenanigans whilst home. You should all definitely check out their website!

I’ll keep you all posted… And I’ll be back soon…



9 responses to “In the Chimehours…

  1. I’ll look forward to the new blog. πŸ™‚

    I can’t ever imagine leaving England myself, I love it too much. 😦

  2. Cheers doll! It’s been very hard, I won’t lie… But I’ll be back for good soon enough… *hugs*

  3. Thank you Sarah for your more than kind words! Hope you have a great time in Old Blighty, catching up with all of your old mates πŸ™‚
    Ian and I are really looking forward to buying you and your Hubbie those long overdue flagon’s of Nottinghamshire Ale and having a good chin-wag πŸ™‚
    Take care and speak soon !
    Matt Baldwin-Ives ( )

  4. One day we truly hope to be photographers *sigh* thanks for the kind comments though !

  5. Have a wonderful trip!

  6. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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