About This Blog

The intention of this blog is to act in part as a Grimoire, part spiritual journal, part recipe book, part research, and part place to house my articles on various aspects of the path I follow…

Over the last few years I have become quite a fan of reading others magical and spiritual journeys, and I thought it about time that I recorded my own in a similar way…

I can type faster than I write, and it tends to make record keeping an easier job… I am still a huge fan of handwritten journals, but I tend to copy up what I have already typed, that way I can take the time to make my Grimoires a work or art, as well as a journal… This takes time and since I’ve already recorded what I need to, I can take the time to make them as attractive as I like, without forgetting to add things, etc…

“Grimoires exist because of the desire to create a physical record of magical knowledge, reflecting concerns regarding the uncrontrollable and corruptible nature of the oral transmission of valuable secret or sacred information….. But grimoires also exist because the very act of writing itself was imbued with occult of hidden power. ‘A book of magic is also a magical book,’ as one historian of the subject has observed”…

~  ‘Grimoires’, Owen Davies


2 responses to “About This Blog

  1. Hey there. My partner and I are also traditional Witches, possibly relocating to your neck of the woods in a year or so. Was wondering if you would email me so we could correspond about the witch/pagan community out there where you are, as well as (witch) parenting stuff (we have a 16 month old). Love the blog.


  2. Hi there

    I just found your blog and wanted to tell you what an encouragement it is. I’m walking a path of shamanic, Druidic witchcraft tinged with monastic influences from my past as a Benedictine in my Christian days, and your writing is both inspiring, informative and beautiful. Thank you

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